Learner celebration: Saturday 21 September 2019

2018-19 award winners

The first Thurrock Adult Community College 2018-19 Awards event at the Thameside Theatre was held on Saturday 21st September.

Finalists were nominated by individual tutors from 1,600 learners who attended adult education courses in 2018-19, many of who went on to enrol on multiple courses resulting in 3,000 registrations during the academic year. Winners and runners-up were chosen from 48 finalists by an independent voting panel made up of senior officers from Thurrock Council and Southend Adult Community College plus the Chair of Governors at TACC.

Volunteer of the year

Winner: John Ironmonger. John has been associated with the college for 25 years as a volunteer and has been helping in maths classes for 8 years. John is very popular with the learners and many ask whether he will be available to help when they progress onto new classes. John is an important part of the TACC team and shares ideas and supports the tutor. He is very hard working, willing to help with whatever is required and always to perfection.

Runner-up: Mike Beadle. Mike worked as a volunteer on evening English classes  for almost three years and has always been a huge support to adult learners who relied on him heavily and the tutor who thanked him for his time, consideration and support. Mike only ever missed one class in those three years and that was due to the traffic on the other side of the river. He even walked in one night, after not having access to his car!


  • Michael Beadle
  • Adrian Davison
  • Emma Marie Elie
  • John Ironmonger
  • Avril Pegley

Vocational Learning - Learner of the Year

Winner: Tony Clift. Tony starting his learning journey when he enrolled on an Entry 3 digital skills course, needing to retrain to find employment. He impressed his tutor with his dedication and commitment through independent study at home and perseverance to succeed. He progressed onto Level 1 and achieved this with adaptations to his personal learning style and a renewed self-belief, overcoming his exam 'gremlins' and never giving up!

Runner-up: Antonia Knight. Antonia joined a Level 3 Bookkeeping course and has managed to juggle home life, work life and college life plus persevered through set-backs and passed her Advanced Bookkeeping and Indirect Tax exams. Her tutor was impressed by her resilience to never give up, resulting in achievements.


  • Chloe Connelly
  • Tony Clift
  • Joanne Golding
  • Antonia Knight
  • Rafal Ostanski
  • Kevin Wilks

Skills for Life - English Learner of the Year

Winner: Leanne Drain. Leanne first came to the college in July 2012 and her learning journey has included progression through maths, English, ICT and LSA courses. All tutors who have previously taught her, or who currently teach Leanne comment on what a hardworking and delightful learner she is. Well known for being a kind and caring person who will help others, if she can and helps towards creating a supportive atmosphere in classes. Leanne has overcome many challenges to achieve her goals and her learning journey has been part of her recovery from mental health issues. Her hard work paid off in 2018 when she achieved an English GCSE and while working part-time is now studying and pursuing her interest in creative writing by entering competitions.

Runner-up: Alina Petrusan. Mrs Petrusan was nominated for her impressive work ethic where, after working 60 hours every week (6 days), she attended an English class on her one free day while also juggling family life. She attended every lesson with enthusiasm and supported other learns and supported them to study independently between classes. An amazing learner and an inspiration to others.


  • John Arnold
  • Lee Blake
  • Dorcas Boateng
  • Conner Brag
  • Leanne Drain
  • Eronmwon Ogiegor
  • Tracey-Jane Paul
  • Yvonne Pearce
  • Alina Petrusan
  • Kalpana Rai
  • Tammy Smith
  • Jannette Wilson

Youth Programme - Learner of the Year

Winner: Lucy Boatman. Lucy joined the college in 2017 as a member of the Prince's Trust Team Programme and was very demotivated with no direction. After successfully completing the Level 2 Prince's Trust Certificate in Employability, Teamwork and Community Skills, she went on to volunteer for 6 months and gained experience as a team leader. Lucy then started an Apprenticeship with the Prince's Trust supporting other young people and has progressed on to complete a Level 3 in Youth and Community Work, gaining employment by Thurrock Council as a support youth worker. Lucy is a great example of what young people can achieve. The support she has had whilst being at the college has provded a positive influence in her life and she is now passing that support and learning onto young people.

Runner-up: Emily Cox. Emily joined the MINT programme 5 weeks after it had started and worked hard to catch up on the work already covered by the rest of the class and integrate. She was a willing participant in all of the activities including role-play and has a great, pro-active attitude to learning, always asking what she can do next. Her focus and work ethic is commendable and she is a pleasure to tutor.


  • Lucy Boatman
  • Daniel Coombes
  • Emily Cox
  • Paige Exley
  • Zac Moss

Community Learning - Learner of the Year

Winner: Deborah Pangeti. This was Deborah's first course at TACC and she overcame issues to attend every session, wholly absorbing herself in the New Directions course and using every strategy learnt in class to improve her self-confidence and low self-esteem on her learning journey. By the end of the course she was flourishing, had made friends on the course and through applying what she had learned her social life was improving outside of the class too. She became an inspiration to her 11 classmates, always smiling, kind and helpful; she shared her own experiences and listened to others. Deborah worked extremely hard and the tutor was impressed at how open she was to applying what she was learning, stepping out of her comfort zone and being so determined.

Runner-up: Bibi Flynn. Bibi attend the SMILE course at Kenningtons Primary Academy and demonstrated a true growth mindset, demonstrating how setting personal goals can increase motivation, wellbeing and relationships and being completely open to new ideas that she could share with others. She identified goals to support her children that resulted in better family communication across the generations and is consciously working with herself and others to invest in their wellbeing, planning to reach self-actualisation through Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with some challenging personal goals. Bibi encourages others to enrol on the SMILE course saying that "you can learn how to establish a better relationship towards your child or even any member of your family. Boost self-confidence and how to bring a smile to a child's face, be it from a story massage or verbal 'push-ups' - it shapes an individual into a better person in every way."


  • Abigail Da Silva
  • Emma Marie Elie
  • Bibi Flynn
  • Gemma Jeyes
  • Deborah Pangeti
  • Toni Smith
  • Kim Thornton

Skills for Life - Maths - Learner of the Year

Winner: Irena Ciecwierz. Irena's tutor reports that she is a brilliant student who has passed both Level 1 and Level 2 Functional Skills Maths, always learning new methods to solve a problem, constantly practising and revising. Studying GCSE English alongside her Maths Level 2 while juggling family commitments,Irena always completed her practice papers and helped her peers in class plus she always had the confidence to seek advice from the tutor when not understanding a topic, which is an admirable quality.

Runner-up: Sunday Adeaga.  A very hard working learner. Sunday attended every class and was a very punctual learner who was always willing to help others in class. He has a very busy working life but was committed to his course and his passion for maths who was always very keen to learn all the topics.


  • Sunday Adeaga
  • Irena Ciecwierz
  • Leanne Drain
  • Stella Gyamfuah
  • Modupe Odumosu
  • Jessica Price
  • Danielle Williams

Skills for Life: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) - Learner of the Year

Winner: Dat Thanh On. A learner, in his late 60's, who has shown commitment, effort and succeeded in furthering his learning. A polite and hardworking learner, Mr On has been amazing to watch in action this year and tackled every challenge that came his way to improve his English language skills, always doing his best at any task, with enthusiasm and to the best of his ability. He always comes to class with a smile on his face and a positive learning attitude.

Runner-up: Rasa Adamoviciene. Rasa has shown commitment, effort and succeeded in developing her speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. She has a positive learning attitude, is very polite plus is willing to share her knowledge and experience with others, especially new learners. She is a kind student that leaves a lasting positive impression.


  • Rasa Adamoviciene
  • Dat Thanh On
  • Dalila Sahnine
  • Vale tamuleviciute
  • Andrea Yanguas