TACC Pressreader hotspot

TACC is now a Thurrock Libraries hotspot which means you can gain FREE access to thousands of the world's most popular newspapers and magazines online through PressReader, an all-you-can read digital newsstand.  Once registered, you can download or read as many publications as you like from your home, even if you don't live in Thurrock plus set automatic downloads and subscribe to regular editions of your favourite newspaper or magazine, in over hundred languages or translate them plus have them read aloud using the app.

Join the library online to gain access to Pressreader that also includes a wide range of subject-specific-related texts and journals. Your tutor can advise on suitable reading lists for your courses as part of your Individual Learning Plan. From September, our new Learner Inspiration Hub will carry it's own reference-only copies of our key set texts from September, so learners will have better access to all of the resources that they need.

Other library services are also available as part of your membership including an app called RB digital, with a wide range of magazines and Borrowbox where you can download ebooks and audio books.

Thurrock libraries have said that if there are regular books required for learners on our part-time adult qualification courses, they will look into purchasing them to borrow for their studies.

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