Adult Skills - Support for those looking for work

Out of work? Furloughed? Need to change careers or retrain to get a new job? Need to upgrade your skills to get a better job?

Thurrock Council are committed to tackling unemployment across the Borough. We believe everybody should be able to get onto the skills ladder to gain work, progress at work or retain work. Across the Borough, Thurrock Council, Thurrock Adult Community College, Thurrock Libraries and other local community and voluntary organisations work together with JobCentre Plus to offer a range of advice, support and training to help residents get back into work.

What is on offer?

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Help with getting online

Careers Guidance

Adult Learning and Retraining

  • Thurrock Adult Community College
    Getting people onto the skills ladder through adult education and helping them retrain or improve their skills for work. Courses will be free for learners on JSA, ESA and Universal Credit earning under £345 (single) or £552 (joint) or on an annual gross salary of under £18,525. A discretionary learner support fund also provides help and support with fees and course related costs for those on state benefits earning over these amounts. For full details, visit our fee remissions page. The college helps people acquire skills to participate fully in work and life including free essential digital, English, maths skills plus confidence building and enrichment classes.

Job Opportunities

Financial Help and Support

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Confidence Building courses

Self-Employment, Enterprise and Business Support

Other local services

  • Stronger Together
    Stronger Together promotes local, community activities that strengthen the connections between people. Stronger Together also encourages local people to have a greater say in what happens in their neighbourhood and to take control over where they live and the decisions that affect them.

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